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TIS main modules include:

  • Insurance Products Generator and rating tool

  • Policy Administration

  • Billing and Collection management    

  • Claims management software

  • Agent commission management

  • Reinsurance accounting and automated underwriting systems

  • Customer management 

An integrated general insurance software designed for insurance companies processing all personal and commercial lines of business

All TIS modules draw their information from a single instance database and business rules repository.  The application supports the entire spectrum of core insurance-related functions including client administration, underwriting, policy and endorsement generation, claims management, co-insurance/reinsurance handling, billing and collection of payments, cash receipts and disbursements, agency and commission management, production processing and management reports - all combined within a multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual system. 


Read more about TIS modules:

Stelios Christodoulou

General Manager  

General Insurance of Cyprus Ltd 


“GIC implemented Comtec’s TIS solution more than 10 years ago.  This solution, supported by the commitment of Comtec as well as by GIC’s IT Department, facilitated the implementation of GIC’s business objectives and also led to the attainment of operational efficiencies.”

One platform, one database,  all components 

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