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Comtec's SmartRater is a robust RBMS (Rules Based Management System) rating engine and product configurator that is part of Comtec's products portfolio for the insurance market. 


The SmartRater is set to run as a service behind the carrier's website to enable the setup of simple to complex product structures, including multiple coverage packages, multiple insured items under multiple countries and regions, and/or multi-company layout.


Comtec is offering the SmartRater either locally installed, or hosted by a 3rd party, or in a SaaS based architecture. The SmartRater is accessed from external applications using XML web services.

Out-of-the-box rating engine and product configurator 

Just connect your portal and let it do the number crunching for you

"Harel Insurance Company, being one of the largest insurance companies in the Israeli market with over $350M of annual DWP from the P&C market and total annual revenue of more than a billion USD, has been utilizing Comtec's solution for nearly 10 years now. The fact that we are able to perform quick changes to the system on our own together with Comtec's strong support enables us to keep our products up-to-date in rapidly changing markets and regulations"

Ziva Maor

Systems Manager - P&C Division 

Harel Insurance Company 

The SmartRater package consists of 3 major components:


RBMSadmin – the workbench of the product administrator, acting both as a configuration track & audit tool and as a configuration management (versioning) tool.


RBMSbuilder – enables the product administrator to build and change lines of business, rating schemes and underwriting rules for all types of P&C business, including personal auto, homeowners, liability, personal lines, commercial lines and many others. The design of this component emphasizes functional abilities at the business analysis level instead of at the programming level. This means that the insurance carrier's staff spends most of its time defining business logic instead of addressing technical issues.


ProductRater – the online rating engine executes the rules set by the RBMSbuilder.  The rater provides XML web services to integrate with 3rd party systems for various functions: quoting, rating policies, endorsing, etc. Based on web services and component-based modular design, the product is available as a scalable enterprise solution allowing for a phased horizontal or vertical implementation in support of future growth.  

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