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Offered as a stand-alone module of TIS, Policy Admin is a solid, production proven and robust policy management system. Its architecture is designed to interact with 3rd party billing, claims and reporting systems while providing a broad range of features and abilities: 


  • Multiple lines per installation

  • Single or multi-company mode

  • Multiple assets and locations per policy

  • All known policy transactions in real-time: quote, application, issuance, endorsement, renewal, non-renewal, cancellation, reinstatement, reverse, and more

  • Future, backdated and out-of-sequence endorsements

  • Full transactions audit trail

  • Multiple dynamic files

  • User-defined data validation

  • Real time rating based on multiple parameters

  • Comparative rating

  • Automated forms management

  • Automated workflow and events management

  • Online policy approval

  • Fully integrated with CRM, Billing, Claims and BI modules 

The Policy Admin is offered with an integrated rules engine allowing you to build any set of data structure required for your line of business to work with external rating engines. Policy Admin is also offered with the option of an integrated rules and rates configurator to support rating engine facilities. 

Managing the entire policy life cycle for any P&C line - personal or commercial 

"When AIG worldwide decided to establish AIG Israel in 1997 we chose Comtec's Total Insurance System (TIS) as the company's enterprise automation platform. During the past 15 years AIG Israel has been continuously growing in diversified lines of business: Personal Lines, Accident & Health, Commercial Lines, and Life term insurance.

As CEO of AIG Israel and one of the proud founders of our Israeli operation, I would like to testify and confirm Comtec's corporate and product commitment, professionalism and partner aptitude through this challenging process".

Hava Friedman Shapira

Former CEO

AIG Israel 


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