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Comtec's Product Builder is a unique configuration tool: it gives the underwriting department capabilities that were the sole domain of the IT department - to create, modify and release insurance products (lines of business, packages, coverages, competitive rates etc.) using a state-of-the-art user interface. This enables every business analyst of the underwriting department to drill into the configuration of every line of business and access data elements, rules, rates, commissions and other aspects without touching a single line of code.

An underwriting configuration tool for 3rd party rating engines


Enjoy full control over underwriting rules and rates, no coding required

Comtec's Product Builder is made up of two major components:


RBMSadmin –  the workbench of the product administrator, acting both as a configuration track & audit tool and as a configuration management (versioning) tool to allow a full control of the working processes in the system. Each task is assigned, performed, tested and deployed with a full track record. RBMSadmin is fully SOX compliant.



RBMSbuilder – enables the product administrator to build and change lines of business, rating schemes and underwriting rules for all types of P&C business, including personal auto, homeowners, liability, personal lines, commercial lines and many others. The design of this component emphasizes functional abilities at the business analysis level instead of at the programming level. This means that the insurance carrier's staff spends most of its time defining business logic instead of addressing technical issues..

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