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Meet               - the secure mailing platform for enterprises

As a one-stop-shop for insurance carriers, our products portfolio doesn't end with rating and underwriting. Meet Infobay - Comtec's security products division, building products to ensure safe traffic of paperwork between carriers, brokers, suppliers and csutomers.  

Communicate with service providers, agents and customers using dedicated security applications on a single platform


InfoBay is a customizable emailing flatform which is secure and simple to use. It integrates with MS Outlook as well as with the oragnization's oprarational systems for mass mailing of policies, forms, invoices, renewals and other documents. 


With InfoBay you can: 

  • Be sure the mail reached the right person

  • Utilize two-factor authentication to increase security 

  • Accept proof of reading 

  • Undo dispatch of emails at any time to any destination, including batch mailing  

  • Set expiration time to a mail message 

  • Prevent forwarding of sent mail to unapproved individuals - options to set permissions for 'view only' mode


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