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Comtec's vision is to provide strategic software solutions and services to the Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance Industry, while keeping intimate and attentive relations with our target markets, emphasizing excellence and pride in our products, upholding character and integrity in all that we do, and operating in the best interests of our clients.

Total Insurance System

An end-to-end insurance package, covering your entire value chain: policy administration, billing, claims and reinsurance. All you need to run an insurance company in one box.

Product Builder

Rules and rates product configurator. Configure any P&C line of business from scratch or upload your existing lines into the Product Builder and edit them with a cutting-edge toolset, no programming required.  

Smart Rater

A back-end rating engine and business rules configurator. Designed to operate behind your agent/customer portal and provide all the business logic and number crunching. 


Policy Admin

Production proven policy administration system for P&C lines. Easily integrated with 3rd party billing and claims modules, our PA is able to manage and control your various policy activities: new business, endorsements (including future, backdated and out-of-sequence), renewals, cancellations, reinstatements, etc. 

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